How to Organize a Memorable Outdoor Adventure: 7 Parenting Tips

How to Organize a Memorable Outdoor Adventure: 7 Parenting Tips

To help you plan the ultimate outdoor adventure for kids, we’ve gathered seven top tips from project leads and managing directors. From creating an explorer pack together to prioritizing safety and sun protection, discover the best advice for creating unforgettable experiences in the great outdoors.

  • Create an Explorer Pack Together
  • Plan for Weather and Have Backup Options
  • Choose Inclusive, Safe, and Engaging Activities
  • Consider Interests and Prepare for Changes
  • Engage All Senses in Outdoor Activities
  • Embrace Spontaneity in Outdoor Outings
  • Prioritize Safety and Sun Protection

Create an Explorer Pack Together

Equip yourself and the kids with an “explorer pack.” Think of this pack as a dynamic backpack or any carryall that’s ready for spontaneous adventures. Of course, when you prepare, involve the youngsters by letting them chip in with ideas, collect things in a hunt-like fashion, and select a bag they fancy.

Start with the handy travel essentials. Once you’ve got the basics in, think about some tech additions. After that, prioritize items to combat the scorching sun. Essentials like a refillable water bottle, sun lotion, shades, an extra set of swimwear, some comfy flip-flops, and maybe a cap or hairband should make the cut.

Then, consider packing for those unexpected minor hiccups: think adhesive strips and some shelf-stable nibbles. It’s a good idea to slot in a face mask too—especially handy if one of the crew starts feeling under the weather, ensuring not everyone catches the same bug. Wrap it up with items for overnight stays like a toothbrush and personal care items.

Chris BurgessChris Burgess
Project Lead, EuHu by Findel

Plan for Weather and Have Backup Options

Organizing a fun and adventurous outdoor activity for kids requires a bit of forward-thinking. I’ve always emphasized being attuned to the weather. Since we’re talking about outdoor activities, the weather plays a significant role in either making the day memorable or, well, a bit challenging.

In my experience, it’s essential not only to monitor weather reports as the day of the activity nears but also to have a solid backup plan in place. What will you do if it suddenly rains? Or if it’s too hot for a particular activity? Determining a “rain-day” strategy or an alternative plan for other weather challenges is vital.

For instance, if you’ve planned a day at the park and it looks like rain, consider having indoor games ready, or scout out a nearby indoor play area or museum. It ensures that the adventure doesn’t stop, regardless of the weather, keeping the spirit of the day alive without compromising on the fun!

Danilo MirandaDanilo Miranda
Managing Director, Presenteverso

Choose Inclusive, Safe, and Engaging Activities

Choose activities that all the children can participate in and enjoy. This might mean selecting a nature trail that isn’t too arduous for younger kids, or choosing a scavenger hunt with clues that aren’t too challenging for the age group.

Always prioritize safety, ensuring that all necessary equipment and first-aid are on hand. Remember, the goal is to foster a love for the outdoors, so make the adventure as engaging and enjoyable as possible.

Kseniia MykolaienkoKseniia Mykolaienko
CMO, Parentaler

Consider Interests and Prepare for Changes

My best tip for planning and organizing a fun and adventurous outdoor activity for kids is to consider their interests and abilities first. It’s important to choose an activity that they will enjoy and can safely participate in.

Also, make sure to include elements of learning and exploration to keep their minds engaged. Preparation is key, so ensure you have all the necessary equipment and supplies. Last, keep the atmosphere light and fun, and always have a plan B in case of unexpected changes like weather.

Lukasz ZeleznyLukasz Zelezny
SEO Consultant, SEO Consultant London

Engage All Senses in Outdoor Activities

Fun and adventure are all in the details, as well as the major activity. Whatever you do plan, outdoor activities are fantastic opportunities to engage all the senses—not just sight. Try to plan activities that use more than one at the same time.

If you’re walking through the woods, pay attention to birdsong. Breathe in deeply through the nose to catch the smell of pine trees and flowers. Encourage kids to pick up acorns, forage for blackberries, and play with sticks, etc. It’s amazing how quickly kids find 101 ways to use a stick once you give them one to hold.  

If you’re near a lake or ocean, skim stones. Encourage kids to feel the texture of stones and find the flattest, smoothest ones that skim the best. Get them to dip their toes in the water. If there’s a beach, play games that give them chances to feel the sand under their feet and in their fingers.

If you can engage all the senses, you’re more likely to create more memorable experiences and enrich every part of the trip outdoors.

Adam MorrisAdam Morris
Content Executive, Twinkl

Embrace Spontaneity in Outdoor Outings

With my kids, I like to keep it spontaneous. The less I plan elaborate events, the less they develop expectations that don’t get met. Pack the bag, throw them in the car, and show up at the park, the pool, or the beach. Just go as a family and let the focus be that: you’re together and getting outside.

Christopher OlsonChristopher Olson
General Partner, Azalea City Tax & Accounting

Prioritize Safety and Sun Protection

Make sure to apply enough sunscreen to your child and to reapply it every three to four hours. Don’t forget to include a first-aid kit in your own pack in case you get hurt while traveling. Include a sun hat in the mix as well because hats and sunscreen both promote proper hydration in addition to UV protection.

Damar WDamar W
SEO Content Writer, Explainerd

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